Jaguaarit is an 1995 founded American football club in City of Jyväskylä, Central Finland.

The club consist of the men’s team and junior program that has been one of the bests in Finland.


Jaguaarit club and team has defined them selves as a Family whose members sticks together and take care of each other on and off the field.

Members of Jaguaarit family are passionate about the sport and american football. They practise like a beast to exel themselves and to develop faster, stronger, better and more diverse than before.


Jaguaarit wants to be recognized as passing team. Offence plays mostly with four receiver spread- and trips-formations. Jaguaarit junior teams are also committed to same system as men’s team.

In defence Jaguaarit has played with severel different fronts in last seasons. Despite of these changes – Jaguaarit defence has maintained it’s identity as heavily blitzing unit over the seasons.


New team goes forward in the 90’s

The 1996 bran new team started from 2nd division. Jaguaarit was one of the best teams in the serie and took a step up to 1st division (2nd highest level in Finland) after it’s first season.

The years 1997-1999 Jaguaarit played in first division under former Cleveland Brown Anthony de Carvalho and gained Maple league spot after 1999 perfect season.

Ups and downs in Mapleleague 2002-2005

In the season 2000 and 2002 Jaguaarit placed 4th in the Mapleleague. 2001, 2003 and finally 2004 and 2005 were hard for the Jaguaarit team mainly because of the several injuries. After the season 2005 Jaguaarit decided to rebuild the team in 1st division.

One step back and two towards the bronze seasons

2006 was a big success and team won the 1st division title. In 2007 and 2008 Jaguaarit placed 3rd in the Mapleleague under the coach Thomas F. Smythe. In 2008 quarterback Ryan Rufener lead the offence with wr Rocky Ciasully and several National team receivers. Jaguaarit offence crushed several Mapleleague records.

In 2009 Jaguaarit lost part of the veterans from the roster. Nevertheless the team was still very competitive and had just the right import players. With their help Jaguaarit placed 5th.

Rebuilding and disappointment in Mapleleague 2010-2013

After these three seasons several veteran players decided to retire and coach Benjamin Jensen started to rebuild the young team in Mapleleague. 2010-2011 young players crew to boots of former starters. 2012 season Jaguaarit was close to get in to the postseason and headed to season 2013 with big expectations. Unfortunately 2013 was again filled with injuries of keyplayers and Jaguaarit found themselves battling in the bottom of the Mapleleague. The team lost it’s final game to Porvoo Butchers and fell to 1st division.

New era in 1st division

2014 coach Mikko Lyyra started to rebuild the team in the 1st division. The season started with close defeats but after import Jerell Jones joined the team, direction turned and Jaguaarit fighted their way  to postseason. 2015 the team was already got stronger but injury on quaterback Craig Maynard backfired season goals and Jaguaarit missed playoffs.

2016 is anniversary year of the club which plays 20th season of it’s history. The core of the team has stick together and wants to end the season as 1st division champions.

Former imports

Jerell Jones in action 2014
Jerell Jones in action 2014


Craig Maynard (USA), AJ McCrea (USA), Jarrad Gabbidon (UK), Jonathan Ashton (UK), Josef Tobolkiewich (UK), Jonathan Pan Gago (UK)


Craig Maynard (USA), AJ McCrea (USA), Jarrad Gabbidon (UK), Chris Green (UK), Ramon Azim (AUT).


Jerell Jones (USA)


Evan Mozzochi (USA), Demetrius Cody (USA), Walter Pam (USA), Josef Saker (Sweden), Luke Painter (UK), Malik Mustapha (UK)

Coach Duke Iversson


Dan Smithwick (USA), Harmon Bruno (USA), Scott Berlin (USA)

#1 James Perez and #2 Lukkes Gilgan played for Jaguaarit in
#1 James Perez and #2 Lukkes Gilgan played for Jaguaarit in 2010 and 2011. On the right #52 Antohony Ross.


Jake Forshey (USA), Lukkes Gilgan (USA), James Perez (USA)


Anthony Ross (USA), Lukkes Gilgan (USA), James Perez (USA)


Alex Relph (USA), Sam Breslin (USA), David Morgan (USA), Eric Tupta (USA)


Ryan Rufener (USA), Rocky Ciasully (USA), Curtis Blackmon (USA)

Coach Thomas Smythe

Ryan Rufener played quarterback in 2007 and 2008. Photo: Turku Trojans

Ryan Rufener (USA), Mike Salerno (USA), Dan Kelly (USA)

Coach Thomas Smythe



Gibril Jobe (USA), Mike Nagy (USA)

Coach Roldan Dilks


Jabari Johnson (USA)


Christian Batcheller (USA), Anthony Williams (USA)


Thomas Pardikes (USA)


Jyväskylä promenade. Photo: Alessio Damato, Wikimedia Commons

Jyväskylä is a Finland’s 7th largest city with 134802 inhabitants in the Jyväskylä area. City has about 70000 inhabitants and it locates in beautiful place in the middle of three Lakes and Nature.  Jyväskylä is also consired as young and urban Student City. University of Jyväskylä and Jyväskylä University of Applied Science have over 20000 students. When you add highschool students to this number it’s justified to say that every third resident (in the City) is a student. The City central is very combact and distances between activities are small.

Because of its northern location, winters are long, snowy, cold and dark. However, when compared to other locations at these latitudes, for example in Russia and Canada, Jyväskylä has significantly milder winter temperatures. During midwinter the city receives daylight for only around five hours. Summers are mild and with the average daily maximum temperature being 22 °C (72 °F) in July. During the summer Jyväskylä experiences long daylight and white nights i.e. midnight twilight.


Photo: Janne Karaste, Wikimedia Commons

Finland is a beautiful country in Northern Europe filled with Lakes and forrests. Population of Finland 5,457,429 and it is heavily concentrated to Southern Finland and big cities (such as Jyväskylä).

Unlike many East European countires, Finland stayed independend after World wars and Culture today is very similar as in another Western countries.

You can find tons of extra-information and images about Finland from wikipedia and internet.

American Football is played in Finland since 1979 when exchange students brought the game to the country. Finland is the most successfull National team in Europe’s Alltime table. During the 2000’s Germany and Austria have how ever been hard to beat. In last European Championship tournament in 2014 Finland placed 4th.

Photo: Herbert Kratky

The men’s football is played today in five different leves (Mapleleague, 1st division, 2nd division, 3rd division and 4th division) and women’s football in two divisions. Juniors combete in U19, U17, U15, U13 and in U11 agegroups.  Season starts in May and ends in August or September depending on success in post season. You can read more about football in Finland in English at Growth of the game website.


It is also possible to play handball under Jaguaarit organisation.

PuMe was found in autumn 2012 and started their activity under Jyväskylän Jaguaarit.

We offer an opportunity to play and practice handball in Jyväskylä! Handball is played on four different levels in Finland (National league, 1st division, 2nd division and 3rd division) PuMe plays in 3rd division.

Our practices start on 3rd of September in Palokka sportshall. The address is Rovastintie 6.


Thursday 21:15 (starting 3.9)

Sunday 20:00

If you’re interested in playing or just trying out contact Jussi Liimatainen or Tatu Tuominen for more information.

You can also find us in Facebook



Jussi Liimatainen



Tatu Tuominen